Oh vòng cổ huấn luyện chó thú cưng điều khiển từ xa lcd 300m 100lv chống 1

Oh vòng cổ huấn luyện chó thú cưng điều khiển từ xa lcd 300m 100lv chống

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Giới thiệu Oh vòng cổ huấn luyện chó thú cưng điều khiển từ xa lcd 300m 100lv chống

Features:The Remote Trainer has 2 components:
a collar device (receiver) anda hand-held remote control unit.

An adjustable collar strap issuitable for most small and medium dogs.

It uses vibration, beep ormicro static shock to modify your dog's behavior.

You can use thisproduct to deter them from such behaviors as digging, getting intothe trash, chasing cars, stealing food from the counter, runningaway from you, etc.

Remote training collar with LCD display.

static / vibrate / beep.

Remote range up to 300 meter.

100 levels of vibration.

100 levels of static.

The levels can be altered by the up & down button of thetransmitter.

The transmitter can control up to 2 dogs (If you buy another onereceiver).

The transmitter will turn into STANDBY MODE if there is nooperation after 20 seconds and turn off after 2 minutes.

The receiver is waterproof.

Rechargeable receiver and transmitter.

An adjustable collar strap is suitable for most small and mediumdogs.

It is for mild-mannered to stubborn disposition dogs.

Matching Receiver with Transmitter:1.Turn on the transmitter and choose 1 channel to encode.

2.Lift the Reset part of the rubber cover in the CollarReceiver.

3.Press the Reset button inside the receiver with a pen or paperclip.

4.After a beep sound from the receiver, press the Launch button onthe Transmitter immediately.

5.The Collar Receiver will beep, and it is now paired with theTransmitter.

6.After pairing is finished, put back the rubber cover of theReceiver.

The Receiver is designed to be waterproof providing itsrubber covers are put into the right position.

Training & behaviour aidsFrequency:
433.825MHzStrap material:
NylonRange up to 300 meters100 levels of vibration100 levels of static(optional)Different channels for 2 dogs training at the same timePackage including:1 * Receiver1 * Transmitter1 * Collar strap1 * Set of install tools4 * Batteies(2 for transmitter, 2 for receiver).

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Brand OEM
Type of Animal Cat,Dog,Small Pets
Model QJQ store-1106CW36440
Warranty Type No Warranty